Static Filter

Static Filter

Static Filter

A static filter is a simple machine for batch filtration, using only pressure or vacuum as its driving force.

There are no moving parts and it is a totally manual vessel, normally used for small pilot batches or for small product campaigns where it is possible to have the assistance of an operator. The static filter has a cylindrical body, equipped with a convex top head and a flat bottom, and a filtering sheet, installed on the flat bottom head, where a supporting frame is mounted.

Typical Applications

  • API production
  • Fine chemicals
  • Dietary supplements/fragrances


  • Filtration through pressure or vacuum
  • Vertical design to save space
  • Suitable for multi-product or mono-product applications accomplished in a batch process
  • Hydraulic system, which helps operators service and operate the machine, allows:
    • Top head opening/closure without the help of an external lifting device
    • Body lifting and filtering sheet exchange

Machine Characteristics

  • cGMP, cGMP sterile, and EHEDG designs
  • Contact material: AISI316L, AISI904L, C-22, C-276, coated with elastomers
  • Filtering sheet: Metal grid as well as fabric filter
  • Surface finishing: From pickled and passivated to mirror polished
  • Certification: PED, ASME, HP0, Selo, ATEX
  • Filtering surface: From 0.01 to 10 m2
  • Operating volume: From 30 liters to 1.000 liters

Custom Options

  • CIP/SIP system for washing/sterilizing between batches
  • Heating system and sanitary insulation
  • High-containment solutions

Standard Sizes and Technical Data

Keep in mind that we can customize our machines for all of your drying needs

Model Diameter
Nominal Capacity
WD 25 600 160
WD 50 800 300
WD 100 1,200 1,200
WD 150 1,400 1,500
WD 200 1,700 3,000
WD 300 2,000 4,300
WD 400 2,300 6,000
WD 500 2,600 8,000
WD 600 2,800 9,000
WD 700 3,000 11,000
WD 800 3,300 13,000

Other dimensions available upon request

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