Cryogenic Technologies

Cryogenic Technologies

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Cryogenic Solvent Recovery


Recovery of VOCs through cryogenic condensation. This customizable and flexible process is suitable for most VOCs.

  • Ideal for rich VOC streams
  • Flow rates up to 5,000Nm3/h
  • No limit for inlet VOC concentration
  • Nitrogen can be reused in the process resulting in low operating costs
  • No secondary Greenhouse gases are produced from the process
  • Fully automated controls
  • Highly reliable with low maintenance costs


Solvent recovery from waste streams through the combination of mass and heat transfer in specialized columns. Available as batch or continuous, with a cryogenic option.

  • Most efficient in batch distillation of compounds
  • Customizable based on the distillation process:
    • Distillation at pressure less, equal, or more than atmospheric
    • Distillation under high vacuum
    • Azeotropic Distillation
    • Extractive Distillation
    • Dehydration by distillation with phase separation
  • Cryogenic option for the distillation of ethylene, methane, propane, propylene, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide
Air Separation Unit

Air Separation Unit

Provides a flexible, customized, and innovative technical solution to produce industrial gases such as Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Argon.

  • Gas factories
  • Steel and metal production
  • Petrochemical and Chemical
  • Refineries
  • Oil & Gas
  • Water treatment
  • Pharmaceutical
Adsorption with Dry Regeneration

Adsorption with Dry Regeneration

An integrated system with enhanced features for volatile organic compounds desorption.

  • No Byproducts
  • Flexible Solution
  • Easy Treatment
  • Eliminates Secondary Emissions
  • 360° Process Solution
  • Reduced Energy Consumption