Customized separation technologies service

At Comi Polaris Systems, we believe in providing our clients with premium after-sales service.

Our service group consists of mechanical and process personnel at Comi Condor, Delta, and Polaris; U.S.-based technicians that have been factory trained; and remote software experts. We are at your disposal for all your service needs, including preventative maintenance, unscheduled mechanical and software emergency services, and control troubleshooting.

We are conveniently located in Charlotte, NC allowing for easy travel throughout North America. We are able to react quickly when contacted by our customers.

Our after-sales service include:

  • Field service and technical support
  • Spare parts (mechanical and electrical)
  • Process control and maintenance manuals
  • Process engineering consultations
  • Certifications and construction documentation
  • Mechanical and electrical upgrades

We are more than just an equipment supplier. We are your partner for long-term growth.