About Us

About Us

Comi Polaris Systems

Comi Polaris is a global leader in customized separation technologies, offering a complete line of filtering centrifuges; filter and vacuum dryers; and cryogenic technologies. We are proud to be an OEM with in-house fabrication, production, and assembly, which allows tight control over quality and delivery times.

Our U.S. office, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is home to engineering, project support, after-market service, administration, and equipment sales. We have factory trained, North American based technicians, and we are able to react quickly when contacted by our customers.

Comi Condor

Comi Condor is a leading manufacturer of filtering batch centrifuges with clients ranging from pharmaceutical companies to sugar and sweeteners to chemical and fine chemical specialists. Founded in 1885, Comi Condor offers a complete range of centrifuges, with over 4,000 machines installed worldwide.

State-of-the-art quality and customized solutions are built upon over a century of experience in centrifugation, as well as a completely integrated production cycle. R&D, engineering, fabrication, software development, and documentation are all made in-house by engineers with an average of 20+ years of experience in each specific field of application.

Delta Logo

Polaris Group was born as a merger between Polaris s.r.l. and Delta Costruzioni Meccaniche. Expertise, flexibility, and customer service are the core values of Polaris Group, which proudly serves clients at leading chemical and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

With a constant focus on R&D, Polaris has patented process technologies including cryogenic condensation, internal reflux distillation, and adsorption onto macro porous resins.

Delta Costruzioni Meccaniche is a highly experienced company in design and construction of equipment and systems for the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. Delta’s capabilities extend to Nutsche Filter Dryers, Vacuum Dryers, Drum Flakers, Reactors, Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, and other process systems, with several thousand units of equipment successfully produced since its foundation in 1968.

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