Horizontal Paddle Dryer

Horizontal Paddle Dryer

Horizontal Paddle Dryer

The Horizontal Paddle Dryer is the highest volume agitated batch vacuum dryer for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

With its horizontal cylindrical body and internal agitator, this dryer allows for a high working volume to heated surface ratio, which results in improved drying performance. The heating system, installed on all machine surfaces including the agitator, provides high heat transfer coefficients.

Typical Applications

  • API production
  • Fine chemicals
  • Dietary supplements/fragrances
  • Chemical Intermediates


  • Suitable for multi-product or mono-product applications in batch processes
  • The flat front door can be fully opened, and provides easy access for inspection and maintenance
  • The vessel jacket can be used for both heating and cooling to ensure product dryness and quality
  • The heated agitator performs the main dryer operations such as:
    • Mixing, heating, and discharging
    • Moves the cake during the drying phase at variable speeds, which improves drying time
    • Minimizes lump formation
  • Drying under vacuum reduces drying time and the temperature requirement for higher quality
  • cGMP, cGMP sterile, and EHEDG designs available
  • Heavy duty designs are available for industrial applications


  • No contamination of product upon discharge
  • Automatic or manual discharge
  • Easy opening for inspection and cleaning
  • Metal on metal or O-ring seal
  • The shape, direction, and speed of the agitator blades enables the automatic discharge of the final product
  • Front Discharge Valve
    • Installed on front door
    • Circular plug type
    • Actuated by drive screw
    • Shaft protected by metal or PTFE bellow
  • Body Discharge Valve
    • Radially installed on main chamber
    • Segmented ball type
    • 90° rotation
    • Full bore

Control Options

  • PLC control system
  • Local operator interface
  • VFD variable frequency drive for agitator speed and direction
  • Instrumentation such as temperatures and pressures

Machine Characteristics

  • Contact material: AISI316L, AISI904L, C-22, C-276, coated with elastomers
  • Surface finishing: From pickled and passivated to mirror polished
  • Sealing system: From stuffing box to various types of mechanical seals
  • Certification: PED, ASME, HP0, Selo, ATEX
  • Options for through the wall installation design for a clean room
  • Dismountable blades option
  • Chopper: Lump breaker option

Custom Options

  1. CIP system: For washing between batches, which uses rotating spray balls and sprayers on critical areas of the discharge valve
  2. SIP system: Blows steam inside the machine body and checks cold area temperatures for sterilizing grade control
  3. Sanitary insulation: Which is mandatory for applications where cleanliness is important, like in white chambers (clean rooms)
  4. Sampling device: For retrieving a product sample and checking the production status
  5. Additional delumper: For products that tend to form lumps
  6. Dust filter on the top head: For product containment while avoiding vacuum pump contamination
  7. High containment devices: For high-potency products, with a glove box at the discharge nozzle or at the sampling port
  8. External vacuum system coupled with an integrated heating system: For global production line management

Standard Sizes and Technical Data

Keep in mind that we can customize our machines for all of your drying needs

DVRF – Standard size


Model Internal diameter
Internal length
Nominal capacity
DVRF 10 500 500 100
DVRF 30 700 800 300
DVRF 50 850 900 500
DVRF 75 900 1,100 750
DVRF 100 1,100 1,150 1,000
DVRF 150 1,200 1,350 1,500
DVRF 200 1,350 1,400 2,000
DVRF 300 1,550 1,600 3,000
DVRF 400 1,700 1,800 4,000

Other dimensions available upon request

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