Conical Vacuum Dryer

Conical Vacuum Dryer

Customized Separation Technologies Conical Vacuum Dryer

The Conical Vacuum Dryer is ideal for batch drying of solids (in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries) with near 100% discharge.

The process the Conical Vacuum Dryer uses is an improvement from tray or pan dryers. No horizontal surfaces means easier cleaning, easier discharge, and no cross-contamination. It is a vertical conical machine with a helical agitator. This geometry is highly effective for drying and discharging processes.

Typical Applications

  • API production
  • Fine chemicals
  • Dietary supplements/fragrances


  • Suitable for multi-product or mono-product applications in batch processes
  • Gently dries products while obtaining a very low final moisture content
  • Dead areas minimized
  • cGMP, cGMP sterile, and EHEDG designs
  • The machine moves the cake at variable speeds during the drying phase, which improves drying time
  • Minimizes lump generation
  • Option for sterile area
  • The dryer vessel has a conical shape and a torispherical head (flanged and dished head)
  • The helical agitator
    • can rotate in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion
    • gently moves the product up the vessel’s sidewall from the bottom and then back down the center shaft area
    • ensures even product distribution and mixing during the drying cycle
    • mixes the product, providing heat and avoiding lump generation
  • The heating system, installed on all machine surfaces including the agitator, provides high heat transfer coefficients
  • The product discharge is located at the bottom of the vertex
  • During discharge, the agitator pushes the crystals to the discharge nozzle


  • The product discharge is located at the bottom of the vertex
  • During discharge, the agitator pushes the crystals to the discharge nozzle
  • Automatic discharge of the product through the bottom valve, minimizing the product that remains inside the body
  • The discharge valve, depending on the product, can use different technologies:
    • Butterfly valves for applications requiring robustness and effectiveness
    • Segmented ball for high vacuum cleanability levels

Control Options

  • Hydraulic power pack
  • Electrical panel
  • Sample port Instrumentation
  • Control system with PLC
  • Local operator interface

Machine Characteristics

  • The conical body is certified as a pressure vessel
  • Totally customized design available
  • The unit is equipped with an integral cartridge filter on the vacuum line
  • The cartridge filter is a special sintered metal design
  • The filter has been engineered to be efficient, to provide easy access for inspection, and for optimal powder recovery
  • The cartridge filter assembly is also heated to avoid condensation build-up
  • Contact material: AISI316L, AISI904L, C-22, C-276, coated with elastomers
  • Surface finishing: From pickled and passivated to mirror polished
  • Sealing system: From stuffing box to lift-off mechanical seal
  • Certification: PED, ASME, HP0, Selo, ATEX
  • Construction Materials: Austenitic stainless steel, nickel-based alloys, 904L, duplex stainless steel, and other materials upon request

Custom Options

  1. CIP system: For washing between batches, which uses rotating spray balls and sprayers on critical areas of the discharge valve
  2. SIP system: Blows steam inside the machine body and checks cold area temperatures for sterilizing grade control
  3. Sanitary insulation: Which is mandatory for applications where cleanliness is important, like in white chambers (clean rooms)
  4. Sampling device: For retrieving a product sample and checking the production status
  5. Additional delumper: For products that tend to form lumps
  6. Dust filter on the top head: For product containment while avoiding vacuum pump contamination
  7. Bayonet closure system between body and top head: For easy maintenance management
  8. External vacuum system coupled with an integrated heating system: For global production line management
  9. Options for high-containment devices: For high-potency products, with a glove box at the discharge nozzle or at the sampling port

Standard Sizes and Technical Data

Keep in mind that we can customize our machines for all of your drying needs

Model Internal Diameter
Nominal Capacity
DCHD 15 950 150
DCHD 30 1,200 300
DCHD 60 1,400 600
DCHD 150 1,900 1,500
DCHD 200 2,100 2,000
DCHD 300 2,400 3,000

Other dimensions available upon request

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