Carbon Monoxide Purification

Carbon Monoxide Purification

The Challenge

The customer is an important manufacturer of industrial and rare gases and needs to purify carbon monoxide for a pharmaceutical application. They want to obtain a highly pure carbon monoxide product and find the best and most cost-effective separation technology for this application.

The typical feed composition is:

  • CO: 99.8%
  • N2: 0.1 %
  • CO2: 500 ppm vol.
  • THC: 150 ppm vol.
  • Ar: 2000 ppm vol.
  • H2: 100 ppm vol.

Our Solution

The proposed system consists of two main sections:

  1. The pre-treatment section that removes water and carbon dioxide by adsorbing them on molecular sieves in a parallel double bed system. One bed remains in service while the other undergoes regeneration using waste hot gas after pure CO separation.
  2. A cryogenic distillation section for the separation of other impurities, which is composed of two distillation columns:
Carbon Monoxide Distillation Diagram

Plant Design Data:

  • Carbon monoxide Feed: 25 Nm3/h
  • Outlet carbon monoxide composition:
    • CO: 99.9995%
    • O2: < 1 ppm
    • H2O: < 1 ppm
    • N2: < 5 ppm
    • CO2: < 0.2 ppm
    • Other impurities: < 1 ppm

Main Utilities Consumption:

  • Liquid Nitrogen: 75 kg/h
  • Electric power: 15 kW
Carbon Monoxide Purification

The Results

Innovative Solution – The Polaris plant offered an integrated system combining multiple technologies to solve the problem of removing several different types of contaminating compounds.

Safe and Reliable – A guaranteed safe and reliable solution was provided for regenerations of the molecular sieves – even in the presence of highly flammable streams.

Improved Product Quality & Value – Overall, when a client is interested in reaching very pure products, the Polaris plant can upgrade product quality, thus improving resale value.