Laser Cake Detector for Pharmaceutical Applications

Laser Cake Detector for Pharmaceutical Applications

The Challenge

API pharmaceuticals production often requires that contact between the product and any devices inside the centrifuge is reduced as much as possible. This is necessary during production to avoid possible contamination of the discharged product (according to GMP requirements). A typical cake detector may result in splashes or wear and tear.

Our Solution

We developed a product thickness monitoring and control system based on the continuous measurement of the cake thickness with a laser optical ray. The system can be operated during the feed and wash phases without causing the typical product splashes, resulting in a higher-quality product.

In order to measure product thickness, the laser detects the reflection time of the laser beam between a completely empty basket position versus the reflection time for the required thickness for each product cake. The precision is 1mm, making it more accurate than a mechanical cake detector. This accuracy is maintained by cleaning the detector system, using a liquid rinse and nitrogen to dry, before the feed and wash phases.The laser sensor operates safely inside the basket and the device can only be activated if the centrifuge is inerted (usually with nitrogen gas). Our TL-10 laser cake detector is certified to be explosion-proof, as per the ATEX European directive, IECEx normative, and UL US norms.

Laser Cake detector device pharma

The Results

Our TL-10 laser cake detector has been installed on several centrifuges since 2007. Using it controls the cake thickness without potentially contaminating the product and optimizes the quantity of washing liquid used. This more precise monitoring of the cake thickness saves on cycle times and costs for each load, resulting in more satisfied customers.

Laser Cake Detector Diagram