Inverting Filter Centrifuges for a Toxic Product Application

Inverting Filter Centrifuges for a Toxic Product Application

The Challenge

A customer who works with potentially toxic materials approached Comi Polaris to request a new solution. Previously, they used old vertical top discharge centrifuges that were no longer able to process the product safely and efficiently. Opening the centrifuge for every discharge was exposing the operators to toxic particles or vapors. The product was also potentially reactive, with flammable solvents, and the risk of contact toxicity was high. The customer required new centrifuges that could manage an increase in production as well as update the working conditions to a safe environment.

Our Solution

We proposed three inverting filter centrifuges (HT/GMP 800/350 model in AISI 316L) that were gas-tight and purged with nitrogen.

Unlike the vertical top discharge centrifuges that the customer had been using, the inverting filter centrifuges offered a significant increase in safety for the operators. Adding the nitrogen purge, oxygen detection, and enclosing the system solved the safety issues surrounding the use of a potentially reactive product (as well as flammable solvents). With this solution, there was no contact between the operator and product during operation and cleaning –removing the possibility of contact toxicity that was previously an issue.

The customer also needed the machine to work well with poor filterability while increasing the plant capacity. The older machines could address the poor filterability, but a new approach was required to increase production. Due to the automatic cycles, short discharging time, and the complete elimination of the heel cake at every cycle, the inverting filter centrifuge made it possible to work with thin cakes. Optimizing the cycle times and cake thickness allowed for the separation of products with low filtering properties (fine particles, high compressibility) even at higher overall capacity demands.

Other features of the inverting filter centrifuge that were beneficial to the customer, which are typical for our machines, include an efficient C.I.P. (Clean-in-Place) system, thanks to the use of the Washing Machine Effect and spray balls. This model also has a high G factor, automatic filling via load cell system, even cake distribution due to the machine’s horizontal design, and a completely inspectable process area due to the front casing’s full swing door design. Anti-vibration dampers make installation easy and isolates the machine from unbalanced loads.

inverting filter centrifuge

The Results

The centrifuges have been in operation since 2018 after a successful SAT (Site Acceptance Test), and the customer has reported that the desired productivity was achieved on all three centrifuges in different production steps. Most importantly, there was a marked reduction in the contact between the workers and the poisonous products during production and the cleaning.

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